Monday, 3 October 2011

Walking in someone else's shoes

As I mentioned in the previous blog, on Sunday 16th October all three of our Sundays services will be a celebration of all that has happened in Serenje over the past three years of the project. The two following Sundays will be the Serenje Gift Days where we are aiming to raise £80,000 for the coming year in Serenje, plus £95,000 for the Project 125 girl's dormitory.

We're really excited that at the celebration services on the 16th we will have two of the amazing pastors from Serenje with us - Bishop Kasele and Pastor Bernard Ngosa. They will be sharing at each of the services and they are not to be missed!

It's been said that compassion is the willingness to walk in someone's else's shoes, in order to truly understand something of their reality. We have two opportunities to show compassion coming up.

Firstly, on Sunday 16th October we want to encourage everyone who is able, to walk to church. In Serenje district people often walk long distances to get to church, some up to 2 hours.

Secondly, for the week between the 16th and the first Gift Day on Sunday 23rd Oct we want as many people as possible to try living on rice and beans for the week. This is an opportunity for us to really experience what many people living in Serenje eat every day of the year. Meat is a luxury and some families eat just one meal a day. Maybe you want to give the money you would have normally spent on food that week to the Gift Days.

Please be thinking and praying about you can get involved in all that's happening. See you on the 16th for is going to be a fantastic day!

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