Saturday, 15 May 2010

News from Serenje

I loved reading Lindsey's blog and hearing all that is happening in Serenje. Such a fantastic reminder that it is more blessed to give than to receive. The money you gave means that people aren't going hungry. More than 890 children are in school, because some people sent their children to school with profit from the sale of crops grown in 2008 distribution. It's amazing what can happen when the body of Christ, in the UK and Zambia, work together.

I've also heard from Lindsey that a new field officer for Serenje has been appointed and is a great guy 'with the capacity to really make a difference on the ground with a view to sustainability and empowerment.' That's a real answer to prayer-thank you God.

Would you like to go to Serenje and see what is happening yourself? Why not join us on this year's Kerith trip? The dates are around Mon 4th Oct-15th Oct 2010. The cost of the trip will be between £1500-£2000, depending on flights. The trip will be an opportunity to to go and see what has been happening, build relationships and then come and share with church, family and friends. There is unlikely to be practical work and most of the time will be spent visiting communities, to hear and see how the project is progressing and to spend time with them. Simon and a few other leaders will also be part of the team, to share with the Serenje pastors. If you're interested in coming please let me, Zoe Hayes, know as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Update from Lindsey

Lindsey Reece-Smith is currently in Serenje and she has written a detailed report of her visit on her blog. Click here to view.