Thursday, 27 October 2011

Gift Days

Over the last fews weeks it's been so encouraging to hear all that has been happening in Serenje. It was amazing having our dear friends Bishop Samson Kasele and Pastor Bernard Ngosa with us and then to hear further news of what is happening with the prayer requests from Leah.

How are you getting on with the rice and beans challenge? It's been great reading people's Facebook updates and knowing we're sharing in this!

This Sunday is the last of the 3 Serenje Gift Days. We are aiming to raise a total of £170,000. This includes £80,000 for year 4 of the project which will enable the following to happen:

3000 orphans & vulnerable children receiving support (school fees, uniforms)
1000 families receiving agricultural support (training and seeds)
117 church and community volunteers visiting and supporting people living with HIV and AIDs.
110 (50 church leaders and 60 community leaders) receiving leadership training.

And then £90,000 for Project 125, the building of the girl's dormitory.

There will an opportunity to give at all 3 services this Sunday or you can give online at

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