Monday, 15 March 2010

Skipping for Serenje

It's been really encouraging to hear how some of local schools have been connecting with what we're doing in Serenje. Helen Cottee went and spoke at Ruth Jackson and Amanda Wolfram's schools. Ruth emailed me recently to let me know what the children at her school (Crowthorne C of E Primary school) have been doing:

'So far, we have collected 'Small change for a big change' - we asked parents, staff and children to give any 1p, 2p and 5p coins as part of our money week. We raised £112 this way and plan to repeat it later in the year.

As part of our 'Money Week' each House was asked to set up a business, with all profits going to Serenje. They were given a £10 business loan to get their business up and running! Sandringham House decided to base their business on the Poppy idea, selling a flower to raise money for Serenje. They looked for a flower that grew in Serenje and game up with the Soy Bean flower! We are selling the flowers this week, before and after school.

We also had a skip to be fit day where the children were inspired to skip! Then we made this our sponsored event for the year. The week before we took each class to the hall and gave them a set time to skip. We then made a timetable for the day with each class having 3 sessions. The children had to set themselves a target for how many skips they thought they would do and then they were asked to collect sponsors.'

Thank you to Ruth and all the children at her school for all the money they've raised. It's exciting to see children here making a difference to the lives of school children in Serenje. Whether you're from Crowthorne or Serenje, it's fun to skip :-)