Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Prayer request

The plans for the building of the girl's dormitory are coming along well, thanks to Penny Lander and Ralph Allan for all their work. If you were at the Prayer meetings last week you'll have heard the latest update and prayer requests-please see below.

- Please pray for approval by the planners in Serenje. The EFZ board have given the go ahead to the plans, but now there’s a whole procedure to go through with the local planners. Ralph Allen also has to produce more detailed plans for the planners.
- The EFZ board are meeting with the pastors in Serenje to put together a sustainability/management plan for the long term running of the dormitory – selection of girls, staffing, paying bills, all that will go into running it – so that it’s effective for years to come.
- Then there's the process of selecting a contractor – it’s a big building for Serenje, and for any builders. We want the right builders, with integrity, to build a high quality building, at the right price, and in good time.

It's so exciting to see this project moving forward. Please be praying for Penny, Ralph, EFZ and the pastors in Serenje as they all work on this together.