Wednesday, 22 December 2010

2010 in Serenje

Every year we receive an annual report from Serenje, updating us and Tearfund on the progress of the project. I've been reading it this afternoon and have been moved to tears by the incredible work that is being done by Leah, the pastors and the volunteers and the impact it's having.

As we come to the end of this year I wanted to highlight what has happened since the last gift day in 2009. It's amazing.

Leadership and training
- 50 pastors and church leaders equipped in leadership skills and HIV/AIDS mitigation
- 85 community leaders trained
- 80 Volunteers were mobilised and trained

Agricultural support
- A total of 700 households/small scale farmers received beans, ground nuts and sweet potatoes
- 557 goats were given to 278 households
- Training was done in new farming methods, livestock rearing and vegetable growing. Farmers who received the inputs were supported in the planting period till they harvested.

Orphans and vulnerable children
- 890 orphans and vulnerable children were placed in schools and their school fees were paid for.
- 526 pairs of shoes were given to school going children
- 529 uniforms
- 890 jerseys

People living with HIV &AIDS
- 4 campaigns on HIV&AIDS were conducted in each of the 4 project communities
- 100 people living with HIV& AIDS are accessing treatment from government clinics
- 5 support groups for people living with HIV&AIDS have been formed for information sharing, learning and addressing challenges they face from day-to-day
- 70 of the 100 have received goats for livelihoods and nutrition support


In the busy run up to Christmas why not take a moment. A moment to thank and praise God for the amazing work He is doing in Serenje. To thank God for Leah and the pastors, and the volunteers. To remember our brothers and sisters in Serenje whose Christmas will be very different to ours.

Here are some photos that capture some of 2010 in Serenje.