Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Off to Serenje

At the end of May we're sending a team out to Serenje for the half term break. This trip is going to be different to previous ones, in that the focus will be on developing the links between our local schools here and those in Serenje. Many of you will know that Crowthorne C of E Primary school, Sandy Lane Primary and Garth Hill already have connections with Serenje. On 27th May Catrina Benham (Sandy Lane), Ruth Jackson (Crowthorne C of E)), Jacqui Webber Gant (www.bfinclusion.org.uk), Liz Norris (Head of Sandy Lane) and her daughter Annabel, Rachel Morgan (Education staff Sandy Lane) and myself (Zoe) will be heading off (and yes we may sing ‘here come the girls’ as we go!).

Our dream has always been to connect our wider community here with Serenje and it’s so exciting to see the relationships between the schools growing. The trip will be an opportunity for our team to visit the schools they are partnering with in Serenje and see what life is like for the teachers and the pupils, both at school and at home. We will spend time sharing ideas and encouraging one another and also meeting with the Schools Committee in Serenje (a team set up to coordinate the school links).

We would really value your prayers – for Leah, Susan and the pastors in Serenje as they prepare for our arrival, and for the team, many of whom haven’t been to Serenje before. We'll send news of how we're getting on while we're there and you can read about it via this blog.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.