Sunday, 11 March 2012

Supporting farmers

This year 1000 Small Scale Farmers (vulnerable households who are affected by HIV and AIDS) are receiving training in farming techniques such as: Crop Rotation, Plant Protection, Land Preparation, Roughing and Harvesting, Isolation of Seed Fields, Fertilizer Application and Planting Techniques. They have also been given beans and groundnuts to grow.

As always the volunteers in Serenje have paid a key role. They have had a lot of work verifying the Small Scale Farmers Fields before they receive the beans and groundnuts. The farmers are required to cultivate their land in readiness for planting before the seed is received. During distribution, the Field Officer, the volunteers working from the particular community and a Pastor from the Agriculture Committee were present to witness and help in the distribution of seeds. In the photos below you can see the farmers being recruited, receiving their training and then being given the seed. It's great to know that 1000 families are receiving the training and seeds needed to ensure they can feed their families, and if there is surplus, they can sell it to generate some income.