Monday, 12 September 2011

Lives changed

Last week I received an email from EFZ telling me about Mr Edward Ngulube who is aged 56. He is looking after his two orphaned grandchildren (their parents died due to AIDS related illness six years ago) and three of his own children. The five children go to school and are in grade 4 and 2. Mr Ngulube received groundnut seeds, cassava cuttings and sweet potato vines and beans seed in 2008 when the project started.

Mr Ngulube is so grateful to the project for helping him with seed in the start of the project. He had this to say,
“I used to suffer in term of feeding my family and sending my children to school because I did not have the means to do so. When the Kerith project came to my community, it was a relief that they gave us seed to plant so that we have enough food in our household. I made sure that I planted all the beans seed I received and my harvest that season was so encouraging that for the first time in my life I was able to harvest 4 x 50 kilograms bags of shelled beans. Even if the project phased out today, my family is already stable in terms of food security, from my harvest, I have reserved enough food to see us to the next harvest for my household. I was able to sell the surplus to earn me some money, I am now able to provide decent clothing to my family unlike before, I am now able to buy my school going children with uniforms, school shoes, pay for their school fees and buy them books”.

It is so encouraging to stories of amazing people like Edward, who have received some seed and through his hard work and initiative it has transformed his family's life.

On Sunday 16th October all three of our Sundays services will be a celebration of all that has happened in Serenje over the past three years of the project. We will be hearing more stories of lives changed and praising God without whom none of this would have happened.

To God be the glory great things He hath done.

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