Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sunday Lwenga – Success Story

It's been great to share the stories of lives being transformed in Serenje. Here's one more for you...

Sunday is one of the volunteers in the Kashitu community, he and his wife are shown in the photo below. He is 41 and has 6 children, with his eldest son in grade 11. Sunday attended one of the training sessions in vegetable growing in 2010. The training empowered Sunday to diversify his investment in food security so that he was not reliant on one type of crop. He requested 5kg of okra seed, 3kg of rape seed and 2kg of onion seed.
Sunday had an excellent harvest and has been able to purchase 40 iron sheets and other building materials in preparation for building his “dream house” after the rains. He will prepare the bricks himself, as shown in the photo. He is also able to support his children through primary and secondary school and his whole family live happily from the fruits that are coming from his garden.

He also sells his vegetables in the Boma Township, which he can travel to using the bike which he bought from the same sales. He says that “farmers who are development oriented have really excelled in their lives and it is because of this project.” Let’s pray for all the farmers who have received seed; that they would have the strength and the wisdom when it comes to farming, that God would bless them abundantly and that they would grow closer to Him.

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