Thursday, 12 September 2013

Patrick Mambwe – Success Story!

Patrick is a 37 year old pastor by profession and also a small scale farmer in Kashitu Community. He has four children in school and one toddler who is not yet old enough. The picture shows Patrick with some of his family. Patrick found life difficult as he was constantly needing financial support from his congregation.

He received 15kg of beans from the Serenje project. Patrick says “God fulfilled my desires and my harvest on beans that season was very good.” He harvested 7 x 50kg bags of beans which gave him enough to feed his family and he was also able to sell another 5 bags to raise income. From the sales, Patrick bought 3 iron sheets. He claims that one of his dreams was to construct a house roofed with iron sheets. Following another good harvest, and with the help of his congregation to build bricks, his dream has come true! A picture of his dream house is shown.

Patrick is “so thankful to this project to have reached me this far through the grace of God.” Thank you for your prayers, it is so exciting that God has provided for Patrick in this way. Please pray for his family and his congregation, that they would all grow closer to God and see His blessing.

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