Monday, 9 September 2013

Enny Kunda – Success Story

Enny is a 63 year old widow living in the Kashitu community. She looks after four orphans, two of whom are double orphans and two are single orphans. Only one of these orphans is in school and she is in grade 7. Every day she travels 5 kilometres to get to and from school and this is one of the reasons why the other children are not in school.
Enny has been a beneficiary of seed from the Serenje project for 3 years now. In the first year, she received 15 kilograms of shelled groundnuts. Following an excellent harvest, she yielded 6 x 50 kilogram bags of groundnuts. She reserved some of this seed for the following season and the rest she sold in order to purchase household goods. In the second year, she received more ground nuts, along with the others that she had reserved, this allowed her to extend the portion of land cultivated. This time, the harvest was so good that she was able to buy a radio cassette, solar panel, solar battery and 10 iron sheets for her house, as shown in the photo. She also received sweet potatoes from the Serenje project and used her yield to buy a further 20 iron sheets, costing the equivalent of US $202.

A quote from Enny, “Today, as I am talking to you now, this is a three roomed house I built from the sales of farm produce.....this project has really empowered community members who are serious in  life.” She no longer has to worry about re-roofing her house every year with grass. Enny is now focussing on saving money for school fees for when her grandchild begins school. Let’s pray for Enny and others in a similar position; that she would continue to see good harvests, that she would be able to put the children in her care through school and that she would grow closer to God.

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