Friday, 10 June 2011

Inspiring stories

One day Leah and I were chatting and she shared the inspiring story of a girl called Kunda. Kunda was at teacher training college. However she was asked to leave when the course requirements changed and her maths grade wasn't high enough. Leah explained how upset Kunda was to leave college and cried for some time. Things got worse when Kunda's mum died, followed by her father. Kunda then moved to stay with her aunt, but she also died. Kunda moved to another aunt's house, but she died too. Then she went to stay with her grandfather, but he died. Finally Kunda lived with the brother of the grandfather. She needed to support herself, so she got a job. She needed to help support the family she was staying with so she wasn't able to save much for her education. Whilst she was working she got some private tuition and passed her maths exam. As a result she got reaccepted at teacher training college. Kunda is now being supported by the project to finish her teacher training.

What incredible perseverance. Please pray for Kunda, that she would complete her training and go on to become a successful teacher. Pray that she would know God's blessing on her life.

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  1. I love the work you are all doing, its great to see God, the awesome God at work... God bless.