Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Latest news from Serenje

Howard and Elizabeth completed their mammoth cycle ride from Nairobi and arrived in Serenje safely - what an impressive journey! They had a Serenje police escort plus 10pastors and a photographer accompanying them for the last 20 miles. Then an interview with the press and a procession with the District Commissioner to the hospital. See the previous blog for details of how to sponsor them. So far they've raised £7,105.

We've just received a report from Serenje, outlining all that was achieved from October to December 2010. It's so encouraging to read all that has been happening and the next few blogs will be sharing the progress that has been made.

The number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) being supported increased from 890 in 2010 to 1700 in 2011 which is a huge and significant scale up.

Scale up from Year 1 to Year 3:
Year 1 (2009) Year 2 (2010) Year 3 (2011)
190 890 1700

375 Females and 435 Males were registered in year 3 scale up

In terms of school fees, the project is going to pay 75% to all secondary school going OVCs where 25% will be paid by the guardians to the children. The Primary school going children will receive uniform and shoes. This will have helped the OVCs a lot and it is encouraging that these sponsored children regularly attend classes though some of them have to cover long distances especially those in secondary. Some children walk to cover 20 Kilometres every day to and from school.

It's just incredible to think that there are 1700 orphans and vulnerable children in school. Local people have noticed that there are less children on the streets during the day than there used to be, because now they are in school. Amazing.

In the next blog we'll be hearing about farmers, vegetable farming and goats!

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