Sunday, 20 February 2011

Howard and Elizabeth's adventure

In 2009 Howard Reece-Smith was part of the team visiting Serenje. As many of you will know Howard is a surgeon and so he visited the local hospital in Serenje. Whilst there he met a 16 year old girl who was in labour and needed a caesarean section. But the hospital didn't have an operating theatre, so the young girl had to be driven 100km to the nearest hospital where they could operate.

Since then an operating theatre has been built and Howard and his wife Elizabeth decided to do 1,500 mile cycle ride from Nairobi in Kenya to Serenje in Zambia, to raise the money to equip the operating theatre. They are looking to raise about £25,000, with any money over and above what is needed going to Project 125, the Girl's Dormitory project.

They began their journey on 13th Feb and are expecting the journey to take them around a month. I am so inspired by their vision and commitment (and their fitness!) Please been praying for them as they travel.

You can sponsor Howard and Elizabeth here.

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