Friday, 19 October 2012

Stories of transformation

This time last week I was in Zambia and it was around 35 degrees. It was an amazing trip for lots of reasons but one of the highlights was meeting Tapson and hearing his story.
As we walked along a dusty track towards the mud hut where he and his family live, Ian (the Project officer based in Serenje) explained that this family used to have nothing. As we arrived at Tapson's home the first thing I noticed was that there goats and chickens everywhere!
Like many families Tapson had received 2 goats and given 2 away, but now he has many more! He will sell some goats on to make money to support his family. Tapson has 2 children of his own and also looks after 2 orphans from his brother.All the children are being supported through school and Tapson has received seed. He received groundnut and beans, but now grows cabbage, onion, maize, cassava and sweet potato. With a good harvest he was able to sell some of the food he grew and with the money he bought some chickens - he now has 36 of them! He can make $8 from the sale of one chicken. This has meant Tapson can feed his family well and buy the books and pens his children need for school. We heard many stories like this over the week. The next two Sundays are our gift days to raise £80,000 for the final year of the project. Come along and hear Simon share more about the trip to Serenje. Please been thinking and praying about what you give. Zoe

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