Monday, 9 November 2009

Shoes and coats update

Back in June we sent out 240 pairs of shoes and 160 coats to the children in Serenje. When we were out in Serenje in the summer we saw all the boxes of shoes and coats stacked up ready to be given out. The local pastors and church volunteers distributed the shoes and coats to the communities. Here are photos of some of the orphans who have received them and will now be able to cope with the cold walk to school in the winter. It's worth mentioning that it is extremely hot in Serenje at the moment, with temperatures ranging from 39 - 42C, so the guys in the photos must be pretty warm! One of the boys just has his new trainers on!

Thank you to everyone who donated shoes and coats, they will make a massive difference when the winter comes.

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  1. Grreat to hear the update about the shoes and was very exciting seeing all the shoes and coats packed up and sent out and even more exciting to see them finally arrive and be distributed...thankyou Zoe for keeping us so well updated