Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wish You Were Here

I wish all of you could have been with us here today to see what is happening on the ground. This morning after visiting the District Commissioner (the Government official overseeing Serenje) we went to visit Kashitu, one of the four Serenje districts we are involved in.

Although the schools here are on holiday there were 18 orphans who we are sponsoring having catch up lessons to miss up for all the lessons they have missed-how humbling! We also visited a family who have been given seeds as part of the project. Big revelation of the day for me was that monkey nuts(peanuts)grow underground!

From there we travelled about 20 miles to Kankoso School which has partnered with Sandy Lane Primary School in Bracknell-again very exciting to see some of the early results of that-including a garden where they use what they grow to feed the orphans attending the school and to raise money for books.

We also got given a chicken that may be tea tonight! I do wish you could come here and see what is going on here-I think you would be excited by it all.

Hopefully the blogs, as well as the videos and pictures we are going to bring back will provide some substitute.


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